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I’m going to show you how to check your voicemail and change your voicemail message in Teams.

You can check your Voicemail from the Calls tab. Select Voicemail from the list on the left of your screen. This will show you your voicemail.

You can click on a message for more information. This allows you to play the audio of the message, and if the sender is speaking to quickly or too slowly you can adjust the playback speed.

Microsoft will also do its best to provide you with an accurate transcription of the message but know that this depends on how well the sender enunciates and how quickly they speak.

From here, we can use the ellipsis icon for some helpful tasks. This includes Calling the Sender Back or Adding Them to Your Contacts.

To set up your voicemail message, we’ll navigate to settings. Then, we’ll select Call settings from the left-hand side. Under the voicemail heading, this Change Voicemail Greeting Button will start a call with the voicemail service that allows us to record a new greeting.

You can use this keypad to navigate the menu and hit the End Call button once you’re satisfied.

That’s how you check your Voicemail and Change Your Greeting in Microsoft Teams.

Checking Your Voicemail in Teams

  1. Navigate to the Calls
  2. Select Voicemail from the list of panes on the left of the Teams window.

From here you’ll be able to see a list of voicemails you’ve received. Clicking on a voicemail will give you the option to play the message, adjust playback speed, and see an automated transcription of the message.

Use the Ellipsis icon to accomplish some helpful tasks like calling the message sender back, adding them to your contacts, and more.

Microsoft Teams Voicemail Options

Setting Up Your Voicemail Greeting

To set up your voicemail greeting in Teams,

  1. Click on your picture in the upper-right corner of the Teams and choose Settings from the dropdown.
  2. Choose the Calls tab on the left of the flyout window.
  3. Under the Voicemail heading, you’ll see a button titled Change Voicemail Greeting.
  4. This button will launch a call with the voicemail system where you can use the dial pad to navigate the automated menu and record your voicemail message.

Not Sure Your Voicemail is Working?

One question lots of new Teams users have is they’re not sure if their voicemail is working because they haven’t gotten a voicemail in a long time—even after recording their voicemail message.

This is usually solved by making sure your settings actually include sending calls to your voicemail. You can see in the screenshot below that under the Call Answering Rules heading, I have Team set to “Do Nothing” after 20 seconds of ringing. This is the default setting and will prevent any callers from landing at your voice mailbox.

Microsoft Teams Record Voicemail Greeting

To make sure your calls get to voicemail, change Do Nothing to Voicemail, and you can even choose how long you want calls to ring for before being sent there.

Verify Voicemail is Working in Microsoft Teams Settings

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