Success or failure related to the deployment of a new tool, communication device or process can hinge on the introduction and training to an organization. Without a solid understanding of the benefits of changes, users can linger or even reject something that may transform the way they perform their job and the success of their organization. PEI has the ability to translate the technical features into a business impacting message that will resonate and inspire users to embrace a new enhancement inside an organization.

PEI also has the ability to host special training sessions and hands-on lab time that are customizable to fit your organization’s needs. Beyond this, we maintain a 24×7 Technical Help Desk to assist and support your IT staff members for advanced support and/or troubleshooting.

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Your IT infrastructure is only as good as your ability to use and maintain it. PEI views the training and knowledge transfer process at the end of a project to be one of the most vital roles we can play in your organization. We feel documentation and direct engagement with our clients at the end of the project is as important as the planning stages at the beginning.

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