How to Share a Desktop or Program

  1. In a call or meeting, the Call Options will appear along the top of your Teams window.  
  2. Select the Share Content icon from the top right.  
  3. You will be prompted to choose one of yourscreens/desktops or windows/programs to share. If you select a window, a list of your open windows will appear for you to choose from to share.  
You can choose to share a screen/desktop or a specific window/program.
  1. If you’re sharing a screen, your entire desktop will be shared, and the shared area will be outlined in red. This means you can switch between multiple windows and programs in the same session without needing to stop and start screen shares throughout the meeting. Screen sharing means that whatever is visible to you on your screen is also visible to all other participants. 
When you share a screen or desktop, everything outlined in red is visible to participants.
  1. If you’re sharing a program from the Window list, only that program will be shared, and just that program will be outlined in red. As you change the size of this window, the red outline will change with it. If you pull another window over your shared window, Teams will pause the screen share. This means, the shared window will show what it looked like before it was covered. This gives participants no indication that there is another unshared window.  
When you share a window or program, only that specific window will be visible to Teams participants.
  1. To stop sharing, choose the Stop Sharingicon in the Call Options Window at the bottom of your screen. 
To stop sharing, choose the Stop Sharing icon in the Call Options Window at the bottom of your screen.

While sharing your screen, you will have access to more Call Options. If you move your cursor to the top of your screen, a new tool bar will appear with the options to Stop Presentingsame as stop sharing—and to Give Control. The Give Control options allows you to select another participant to take control of your shared screen or window. They’ll be able to click and type on your screen, but don’t worry! They can only interact with content you’ve shared, and they won’t be able to make any changes to your computer that require admin permissions. Keep in mind, only one person can share their screen at a time in Teams Meetings.  

If you move your cursor to the top of your screen, you will be prompted with more Call Options.

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  • Connie says:

    How do you share multiple screens on Microsoft Teams

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Connie, unfortunately this is not a capability of Microsoft Teams at this time. The ability to share multiple screens at the same time is on the backlog, so it’s planned to be added to Teams but there’s no published timeline for when it will be available. Thanks for reading, though!

    • John Walton says:

      The only way I can do that is to press+hold Function key, then PrintScreen, then Ctrl V at whatever point you want to insert the screenshot, and if you’ve got multiple screens (I use 4) the resulting screenshot has all 4 screens in it. You can then tell the person you are sharing it with to look at the relevant part of the screenshot.
      Hope this helps.

  • Mike says:

    When I try to share my screen, the icon is grey’d out and it says “Sharing isn’t supported yet”. How can I fix this? Thanks!

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Mike, Thanks for reading! This could be due to a few different things, but my guess is that you’re using the Microsoft Teams web app (in a browser). Screen sharing in the Microsoft Teams web app is only supported in the most recent versions of Google Chrome and the chromium version of Microsoft Edge. Let us know if this fixes your problem!

  • maria says:

    When you share your screen, does the camera stay on? It seems not in my case

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Maria, your video will stay on until you click the video button. It will minimize to the bottom right of the Teams window. If the Teams window is minimized, you will not see your video on the floating call options window. Additionally if there is a large number of people in your meeting while a screen is being shared, only the video of the four most recent people to speak will show at the bottom right and everyone else will just be visible by their pictures. This doesn’t mean their video has been turned off though, when they speak, their video move over and they’ll be visible.

    • Stan says:

      I’m experiencing the same problem. When I share my screen, the camera/video feed on my PC stops (even though the video button shows it should be enabled).

      • Stephanie Hamrick says:

        Hi Stan, this is often the case when you internet bandwidth is limited. Microsoft Teams will stop your video to provide a smooth presentation instead of taking up unnecessary bandwidth to present both. Additionally, your video shrinks to the bottom left and may be replaced by speakers who have spoken more recently than you when you share your screen and there are more than four people in the meeting.

        • Audrey says:

          Hi! when I share my screen and the video screen goes to the bottom right I can only see one person at a time. Is it possible to have multiple small video icons on the bottom of the screen instead of one? thank you

          • Stephanie Hamrick says:

            Hi Aubrey, yes you can see up to nine videos at a time and then further users will just be shown by their profile picture. If you’re not seeing none, here are a few steps. 1, make sure more than one person who has spoken recently actually has video turned on. (The video spots will be replaced by a profile image if a person is currently speaking, and only the nine most recent people to speak will be featured). 2, try making your Teams window bigger, zooming out (CTRL + -), or going to full screen to give the meeting more room. Without being in your meeting, we can’t replicate this behavior, but hopefully this helps!

  • Tiaira says:

    How do I see the chat and questions while I am sharing my screen?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Tiara. Thanks for stopping by! Use the Chat icon from the meeting options (looks like two overlapping chat bubbles) to open the chat window. The chat conversation will be visible to attendees if you’re sharing your screen, so this works best when you have an additional monitor connected to your computer. You can share one monitor and drag your Teams window to your second monitor. If you don’t have two screens, then you can share a single window instead, and resize it so there’s still room on your singular screen to have your Teams window open at the same time. If you share a window, only that window will be visible in the meeting and you can chat on the side without worrying.

  • Anna says:

    Is is possible to switch between screens or windows while sharing? E.g. if I want to share window A first, but then switch to window B? Do I have to stop sharing window A and start sharing window B?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Anna! Yes this is possible. When you share your desktop, anything you open on your screen (whether you’re switching between programs or windows) will be visible to the meeting. You’re only restricted to a single window when you choose the “Window” option in the share tray.

      • holly Krupp Kelly says:

        This does not work, many have tired this but it’s not working

        • Stephanie Hamrick says:

          Hi Holly, I’m sorry this isn’t working for you. Can you give me more details about what you’re experiencing? There are so many reasons this could be the case. First, please check with your IT admin to ensure that content sharing is enabled for you and the conversation type you’re trying to share in. Second, make sure you have programs open on your computer to share. Without more details, that’s all I can give you, but please let me know if you have any more questions! I’m happy to help further!

  • Linnea Londborg says:

    I agree! Multiple screen sharing or the ability to toggle between open applications would be extremely helpful for collaboration and live brainstorming.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Linnea, you can’t share multiple monitors, but you already have the capability to toggle between open applications. Just choose to share your “Desktop” (it’s the list on the left when you click the share button) instead of clicking on a “Window.” When you share your Desktop, you can switch between as many windows and programs as you like! Please refer to steps 5 and 6 on this page for a longer, more-detailed explanation.

      • Matthias says:

        What I’m really missing is to share multiple programs without sharing the whole desktop. I might not want to show some of my open programs or pop-up messages I might get during the sharing, especially if I share with external participants.

        • Stephanie Hamrick says:

          Hi Matthias, unfortunately this is a best of both worlds problem. Either you want to share more than one window for ease of use or you want to share only one window to prevent unwanted data from being shared. You can switch shared windows in the meeting, though I understand this can be a bit clunky. However, if you put your Teams client in Do Not Disturb mode and turn off notifications in your Windows 10 settings, then you should be safe to share your entire screen without notifications popping up and disturbing you. Though you’ll still need to be careful not to click and open items you don’t want to share.

  • Rachel Crosland says:

    I have been using Microsoft teams for large meetings the last couple days and making a recording of each session. I am finding it captures both the speaker and the desktop when shared sometimes and other times it is only capturing the speaking but not the shared desktop why is this?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Rachel, this is a known bug with Microsoft Teams as of now. Your screen share should be captured in the recording always. Some users have found a work around is to start the recording before starting the screen share session, but this has not worked for all users.

  • Jo says:

    If I play a video whilst sharing my screen will the viewers hear the video? If I am wearing headphones will they still hear it or do I need to have sound coming from my speakers?

  • Prabin says:

    In my organization, I can share screen with remote control in some PCs while in some PCs having exactly same configuration, remote control is greyed out. Don’t know what the issue is. We are using desktop client of Teams.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Prabin, unfortunately this could be caused by many things. But, our best guess is that this has to do with who is in the meeting (and where they’re joining from). You cannot give control of your screen to someone who is joined from the Teams Web App regardless that you’re using the desktop app. If you’re sharing between desktop app and desktop app, then you will be able to give control of your screen. Depending on your security settings in the admin console, it may also depend if the users are internal or external. Does this sound like what you’re experiencing?

  • Andrew Kitson says:

    Is it possible to view a participant’s screen?
    I plan to run a remote 1-1 software training session and need to view their screen and use a pointer if possible.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Andrew, you can have your participant share their screen (depending on your company’s security settings, you may need to promote your trainee to a presenter). Then have your participant give you control of their screen. You’ll both need to use the Teams desktop app for this. Then you’ll each have your own separate cursor (with your picture next to it for clarity) and you can point out items with out disturbing the movement of her cursor.

      • Gigi Anil says:

        I tried the same, but my members are not able to share desktop with me. I made them as a presenter still, the share button is inactive for them. In my organization, others are not facing this problem. What will be the problem for the same. Please help.

        • Stephanie Hamrick says:

          Hi Gigi, I don’t have enough information about your situation. Are the people you’re trying to share with using the Desktop Client? And, are they inside of your organization or are they external contacts? If they’re not using the desktop client or an approved browser for sharing their desktop (Google Chrome or the Chromium version of Edge), the share button will be grayed out for them. Also, your IT admins may have disabled sharing for those external to your organization. This could explain why others in your organization are not facing this problem–they may be sharing with internal contacts. In that case the comparison isn’t quite apples to apples. Hopefully this helps!

  • Rachel says:

    Is there a way for participants to see me as I speak and a power point be in the bottom corner?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Rachel, when you’re presenting a PowerPoint, that’s the focus of the meeting by default. You could try having each participant pin your video to the main space by selecting the ellipsis icon next to your display name in the meeting and choosing “pin,” but I’m not sure that would override the hierarchy of the screen share and this probably isn’t a usable solution since every participant would have to do this individually. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  • Dennis Flores says:

    Hello Stephanie, I can screen share powerpoint but not excel. I would appreciate if you have a fix for this. Many thanks!

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Dennis. This sounds like a simple misunderstanding of the tool. To share an excel file on your screen, make sure it’s open on your computer before clicking the “share content” button. Then you can select it from the “Window” list or share your Desktop and navigate to the excel file. It sounds like you’re trying to open the file through Teams by focusing on the list of powerpoints. That is a separate feature from simple screen/file sharing that gives your powerpoints a formal presentation feel. You don’t need to open files through Teams to have them appear in your screen share. You need to have them open on your computer already/separately. Let me know if this solves your problem!

      • Nikita says:

        I only get the option to share powerpoint and not my desktop or a window. Because of this I’m unable to show excel files to the audience and toggle between windows. Can you please help?

        • Stephanie Hamrick says:

          Hi Nikita, have you asked the IT admin at your organization if screen sharing is enabled? Also, are you using the desktop version of the app? Screen sharing is not compatible with all browsers.

  • Akwasi says:

    When a sharing my screen, other users can hear my audio.
    I tried looking for the checkbox ‘include system audio ‘ but is not in mine
    Any fix for that ?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Akwasi, please make sure you’re using the latest version of Teams and see if you can find this feature in the Microsoft Teams desktop app. Not all functionality is available in the web app.

  • Ali says:

    Hi ,

    If I have created a second desktop window by hitting and windows/tab and selected the applicatons I want to share ( without my email/notifications interrupting). If I share my screen selecting desktop 1 then toggle to desktop2 will users on the call be able to see desktop 2?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Ali, This is a great question and also a great idea for preparing meeting materials! We’re always happy to hear about ideas we’ve never thought of before. I just tested this with some colleagues, and they were able to still see my screen share when I switched to Desktop #2. However, know that they were able to see the entire switching process–when you click on Task View, and there’s the list (with small screenshots) of all the windows you have open, this was all visible to my meeting audience. So just know that you’ll want to close any windows you don’t want participants seeing that you have open before you do this.

  • Denise Stanford says:

    Are there shortcuts to help when trying to switch pages quickly and while sharing? I find I am taking too much time switching around and my audience’s attention span is limited. For example, while showing a Power Point, can I mute all participants? Or have a web page open when I am ready to share instead of starting at the team page? Or when in a notebook, switching to posts, then back without starting from the beginning of the class notebook section? I am sorry, I have several of these. Any advise it very much appreciated!

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Denise. Thanks for stopping by! The best way to switch pages quickly is to prepare for the meeting by having everything you want to share already open on your desktop. Then share your desktop instead of sharing individual windows. With this method you can just click to whatever you want to share. So for your examples, have a browser window already open before joining the meeting with the website you want to share. And for your Team notebook, click “Open in App” at the top of the notebook tab to open the Team Notebook in OneNote on your computer and navigate to the place you want to present. Then while sharing your desktop, you just have to maximize those screens for your audience to see them. (Anything you open on your desktop is visible when you share your desktop, so this is ideal for switching windows and programs quickly.)

      As for muting participants in a meeting, just click on the “Show Participants” button, which looks like two tiny people. It’s the right-most button on the meeting options toolbar. Then at the top right of the participants list, you’ll have a “Mute All” button you can press to mute everyone at once. The only caveat is you need to be the meeting organizer to have this button/do this.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • SAM says:

    Hi, I had a call on Teams, then shared my screen.
    The call ended and I closed Teams.
    I didnt stop sharing my screen.
    Can the other person still see (share) my screen?
    Thank you

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Sam, once you hang up the call, your screen share automatically ends. They cannot keep seeing your screen after you hang up.

  • Ben says:

    If I am sharing my desktop in a meeting how can I go back to Teams so I can show my files from inside of a team? Thank you

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Ben, Teams automatically minimizes the window when you share your desktop, but you can just click on it from the task bar to bring it up again. Then you can click through Teams like normal to find your files!

  • shanti says:


    I’m using MackBook Air…when I wanted to share a video….it showed that the program doesn’t support the file. It’s only support the powerpoint.

    next question, how do I share my desktop?
    FYI, I had click the share button….but I still difficult to share my desktop.
    Thank you

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Shanti, yes you must click the share button to share your desktop. Then your monitors should be listed on the left-hand side. Select one of your screens from that list. Don’t use the “browse” feature to try and open a file. Instead, open the file on your computer first, then share your desktop and pull up the video program.

  • Kamarul says:

    Hi Stephanie…Morning to You. Yesterday, I used Microsoft teams with my GM where I had shared desktop. However, when I shared desktop, my GM claims that her screen just showed a black screen. Can please share some insight? I have shared my desktop before with other colleagues but this always worked?? It was completely embarrassing for me when my GM asked if I had shared desktop?? Keep Safe Stephanie 🙂 Thanking You in Advance for Your Kind Advice…

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Kamarul, Thanks for stopping by! Can you confirm that you clicked on a desktop from the list and not on an item in the Window list? If you accidentally clicked on a Window instead, you audience would see nothing until you bring up that specific Window.

  • Mark McNaughton says:

    Teacher here, using Teams for instruction. How do I block screen share for a single user or multiple users?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Mark, after you’ve scheduled the meeting, go into the Meeting Options (Go the the Calendar tab, click on the meeting, click the “Meeting Options” tab. In the Meeting Options, you can change “Who can present?” to “Only me” to stop students from sharing their screen.

  • Virginia Lester says:

    When I begin a meeting, I am not reliably able to access “windows” at the bottom of the screen. The highlight in red is not activating either. Further, I opened a meeting to practice today and windows were there, but from my last meeting.
    How do I get rid of old windows and get new ones to open for my presentation?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Virginia, the list of “Windows” is just a list of programs that you already have open on your computer when you click the share button. So if you want to share something else, then you need to open it on your computer first. If you want something to not show up on this list, you need to close it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Zak says:

    Is there a way for me to share my screen instead of my camera in a conference call, that doesn’t take over the call? Like i just want my screen up where my video box would be but i don’t want to command the attention of everyone in the room.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Zak, unfortunately, this is likely not possible. You might be able to have meeting participants “Pin” your video to the main meeting space, but we’re not sure this would override the screen share, and it would need to be done individually for each person on the call. Teams is making the assumption in this case that when you share your screen, you want people in your meeting to be able to see it.

  • Natalie Sudall says:


    I am a paraeducator and having to use teams to help students at home right now. I am having to use from an iPad and although I share the screen, have enabled screen recording to Microsoft teams and made sure the microphone for screen recording is on, the other users still cannot hear any videos I am trying to show them. Additionally, although I have installed whiteboard to try to have some fun interactive things for them to do, only I am able to draw on the board. Yet my coworkers using a laptop are able to have full interaction. Hoping you can help. Thank you!

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Natalie! Thank you for your work as an educator! This sounds like some limitations with the iPad. Unfortunately, though Microsoft tries their best to replicate all of the desktop features on the mobile apps, some functionality is not available on iOS and Andriod devices. A possible work around for sound is to have the iPad speakers on loud so that it’s picked up by your audio device.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hello! When I try to screen share my desktop/window-during a meeting-video becomes disabled (“We stopped your video when you started sharing”). Powerpoint seems to be ok.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Jennifer, Microsoft Teams usually does this when you have a less-than-stellar wifi connection. Instead of wasting bandwidth on showing meeting participants both your screen and your video, Teams spends its effort making sure your screen comes through clearly and stops your video as a result. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

    • Thanusha says:

      Hlo do you how to resolve this. I too got issue. Cpuld you please help me in teams.

      • Stephanie Hamrick says:

        Hi Thanusha, this is likely a bandwidth issue. Are you using the desktop application? My other thoughts are this could be a limitation of the web app or a limitation set by your IT administrator.

  • Teresa T says:

    I am a teacher. If I share my screen with the students can they open any other icons on my screen for example can they open my Outlook?


    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Teresa! Thank you for being a teacher! Educators are so important! In this case, it’s important to understand the difference between sharing your screen (letting participants see) and giving control of your screen (letting participants interact). When you share your screen, participants can see everything on your screen, but they can’t click on anything, move your mouse, or affect your screen in any way. Unless you specifically click the “Give Control” button from the toolbar at the top of the screen and select someone to give control to, no one will be able to affect your device. And in that case, only the one person you selected would have control. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • hazel says:

    Is there a pencil for doodling, laser pointer, and zoom function when I share the desktop. I understand that there is one on the left bottom when I share a PowerPoint in slideshow mode. Can we have something similar when sharing desktop?

  • Natasha van Oudheusden says:

    I have a number of workshops and meetings coming up with various teams across our organisation. I have created groups for each of these teams and add members shortly before the meetings. I have placed a whole lot of files within each group and most of these have to be opened via SharePoint. During the meeting I will talk them through navigating to the various resources that I have placed in there for them as well as show a couple of presentations (all of which are within the files section). During the workshops, the various teams will have to provide input (similar to adding post-it notes in an actual workshop) which I will then need to capture. Could you please tell me where I might find the best information and instructions on how to do the above effectively?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Natasha, I’m unsure if you’re asking for help on this whole process or just the input section. It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on screen sharing. For the team input section, we suggest either using the “Share Content” button and selecting a whiteboard session–this will allow anyone in the meeting to type or draw on the whiteboard together–or opening the Meeting Notes by clicking the “More Options” (ellipsis icon) and selecting “Take Meeting Notes.” Anyone can take meeting notes and they’ll be saved in the Meeting Notes tab for your team.

  • Julie says:

    Hi there,
    I am finding it confusing when facilitating a meeting in a teams call with a group of participants to:
    1st: screen share and then navigate to the teams channel to show them where docs are stored, and then open the doc to go over with the participants.

    What is the best way to do this process?
    Thanks for your expertise 😉

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Julie, while you’re in a Teams meeting, you can still navigate the Teams screen. After sharing your screen, you can click into a Team and show them the Files tab while the meeting is still going.

      If you want to open a document to go over it with participants, the best way would be to stop sharing and use the attachments feature from the conversation (chat) pane and select “Browse Teams and Channels.” Then select the document from the list of files already in your Team. Then everyone can click into the file from chat to see it at the same time.

      Alternatively, for a method that doesn’t require everyone to click into the doc on their own: Before your meeting, open the document in Teams and select the “Edit in App” function. This will open the document in the Microsoft Word App. Then, share your desktop and show everyone where it’s stored, but at this point switch over to the word app and show this to your meeting participants.

      Let me know if these options work for you!

  • Claudia says:

    Hi, I am using Team for online lesson. I can see children is join in in the beginning of the lesson. But if some children join in later after I started to share my PPT, I can’t see who is joined. Also, I can’t see who’s Camera is on and who is Micro is on as they supposed to be off. but children can see each other as they are attendee. sometimes, I can hear one student telling other students to turn video off. But I can’t see. Is there function that I can make the shared screen smaller and children’s Icon lined at the bottom so I can have more control of the class?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Claudia, Unfortunately, there is not a way to make the screen share smaller. However, you can ask the IT admin at your school to set up a policy in the Microsoft Teams admin center that either disables video in your meetings, or disables video for all of your students who will be in the meeting. Here;s some documentations that can help them with that:

      If possible, we also suggest having your computer set up with dial monitors. Then you can have the Teams window open on one monitor and keep track of students while sharing another monitor that your students will see. We know it’s not common to have two monitors at home though, so we suggest asking your IT admin to apply a meeting policy in the admin center.

  • Nicole says:

    Hi, when I am screen sharing and my co workers take control of my computer, we are only able to see their cursor clicking and moving (with no initial/picture next to the cursor) until I right clicked and it gives me back control. I tested it out on a few people and when they give me control of their computers, we are able to see both of our cursors with our initials/pictures next to them. Do you know why this is happening? Wasn’t sure if there was a setting or something on my end I need to fix.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Nicole, this sounds like a bug. If you’re both in the Microsoft Teams client (neither of you is trying to use the Skype for Business interop), then this is not expected behavior. We suspect this may need to be troubleshooted by an IT person at your company. Can you try and update to the latest version of Teams and see if that has any affect?

  • Sarah Tattersall says:

    Is it possible to run a powerpoint presentation with videos and have the chat function visible while in a Teams meeting. If I share my screen and select pwpt I can use chat but the sound / video feature is diabled and if I select with desktop or window I’m able to enable sound however I lose the ability for the chat feature as the presentation takes up the entire screen. I would very much appreciate and tips or tricks here.


    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Sarah, if you share just the PowerPoint window, then you could open the Teams window without anyone in the meeting seeing. The sharing would just be paused while you checked in on the chat feature. Our best practice for doing this is to set up multiple monitors. Share one and have your Teams meeting open on the other so you can keep up with the chat. If you don’t have two screens, you could also join the meeting from the mobile app on your smart phone. You’ll be able to see and participate in the meeting chat from your same account while you have the presentation going on your computer. I know these are not great fixes, just workarounds, so I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  • John says:

    Is It possible to share your screen without other people knowing who shared their screen?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi John, unfortunately not. I’m not sure what the use case for this would be, but Microsoft is assuming here that it’s helpful for meeting participants to know who is sharing.

  • Adam says:

    Hi Stephanie – How do I share my screen from a channel chat?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Adam, this is a good questions. The “Posts” tab in a channel is not the same as a chat conversation. It functions a bit differently. If you’d like to share your screen in a Team, you’ll need to be in a meeting. You can use the “Meet Now” button at the top right of your channel (for newest version) or the Meet Now video icon down in the post options (in older versions) to open an ad-hoc meeting without needing to schedule one. For anyone to see the screen share, they’ll have to click to join that meeting.

  • Maryna says:

    Hi, many thanks for useful article.
    You wrote, that: “If you’re sharing a program from the Window list, only that program will be shared . . Anything that appears over the shared program—whether a notification popping up or an application you drag over—will show up as a grey box to everyone else in the call.” It seems to be not always the case. When I share a program from the window list and drag over other application, my attendee still see my shared program without any grey boxes. But when one other presenter does the same, we see grey boxes. Do you know what can be the reason for this?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Maryna, yes this is the expected behavior of Microsoft Teams. When it is able, Teams will simply “pause” the sharing for viewers so they see essentially a frozen screenshot of the window before it was covered with something else. This provides a much more seamless experience for users. I would ask the users who are producing the grey boxes to update to the latest version of Teams.

      • Laura says:

        Is there a way to stop the “pausing” to happen? I select the window I was to show (which includes a clock with seconds), but when I put another screen on top, the clock pauses. Also, if I share window on e.g. desktop 1 and I move to desktop 2, instead of staying on the shared window, it screenshares the new desktop. Is there a way around that?

        • Stephanie Hamrick says:

          Hi Laura, This is a great question. When you share your window, Teams doesn’t have access to that program, it can only see it when it’s visible on your desktop. So if you cover that screen, Teams can’t see it anymore and pauses on the last frame to prevent visible./obvious interruption to your users. As for your second question, the sharing will follow the window wherever you drag it, so if you drag it to a second desktop, Teams will show the same window how it now appears on your second desktop. If you’d like the sharing to stay on your first desktop, you should share the screen instead of selecting a window. That way whatever is shown on that screen will appear, and if you drag a window off, the desktop underneath that window will then show. Let me know if I answered your question!

  • Christine says:

    I was able to share my desktop with a colleague but couldn’t share the desktop when we had guests in the meeting, I could only share a screen. Has anyone else had this, and does anyone know a solution or why this happened?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Christine. This sounds like a security policy applied by your IT admin. My advice is to contact your IT department for more details.

  • Josh Lee says:

    My desktop PC does not have mic. I have to use my mobile TEAMS APP to make audio call so that recipient can hear me. However, when I want to share screen from desktop PC concurrently, my mobile TEAMS APP is paused. My screen from desktop PC is shared by recipient cannot hear me anymore. Is there a way to make audio call on mobile TEAMS APP and share screen from desktop PC TEAMS concurrently?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Josh, schedule a meeting instead, you can simultaneously join a meeting from both your phone and computer without being “paused.” For an even simpler solution, you can use nearly any pair of headphones with a built-in mic to add a microphone to your computer. Most headphones these days include this and can be relatively inexpensive.

  • Rob says:

    I have a question, some users in my organization does not have Desktop option on their share screen button. Only Windows is available. But some users have it including me. We have the same Subscription (E3). Any suggestion how can we solve it? Thanks.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Rob, are all of the users (experiencing both scenarios) joining from the same type of app (desktop vs. web app)? Have you confirmed a pattern across multiple types of conversations? Does it only happen in meetings, audio calls, calls with external users, etc.? Also, have you had your IT admin check the Teams Admin Console to make sure there are no security policies applied to the affected users?

  • Tim says:

    When I try to share my desktop, I see the red border, but it only shows my desktop background and not any content that I pull up after I start sharing my desktop screen. Do I need another monitor?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Tim, you don’t need another monitor to share your screen in Teams. This sounds like it may be a bug. Have you checked with your Office 365 IT Admin?

  • Stephanie Agler says:

    If Teams is going to replace skype why are we losing functionality in teams that we had in skype. The ability to display both desktops is vital in the COVID setting and in skype it works great but in team you can only share one desktop at a time. Is there a timeline of when this functionality will be restored to teams, since it is already being used in skype?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Stephanie, you’re right that the ability to share multiple monitors at the same time was a much-beloved feature of Skype for Business. However, the word “restore” in your question is a bit inaccurate. This feature never has available in Microsoft Teams. It’s on the Microsoft Road Map, for new functionality to add to Teams, but it’s on the backlog. There is no expected time frame and it may be quite a while before this functionality is added. Sorry that I have such bad news!

  • Kim says:

    Hi, when trying to share my screen with my kinders my smoke dectectors begin to chirp. When I stop sharing it stops. I am trying to figure out which option is causing this (sharing window vs desktop). It doesn’t do it all the time but if I share a video the chirping starts. I thought I had it figured out but the chirping started back up during a lesson and became distracting. Any clues as to what is triggering this? I try to close out everything except what I want to share. Does one work better than the other share wise. (I use the desktop app now)

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Kim, it’s unlikely that your computer is causing your smoke detector to go off. This sounds like a case of an annoying coincidence! If your smoke detector was coming on and off intermittently, it’s likely it is trying to warn you about a low battery. We suggest replacing the batteries as soon as possible.

  • Zoe says:

    I’m using Teams for large presentations in an education setting is there a way of keeping everyone on mute and the participants not being able to unmute themselves?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Zoe, you can open the participants pane in your meeting and select the “Mute All” option on the right!

  • irit says:

    Hi there!
    tried using both Mac and PC with chrome, in both cases after a few minutes of loading I get the message “can’t share content” – there was a problem displaying the content.
    Cant find a single reference to this problem

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Irit, can you please try sharing your screen from the desktop version of the app and see if the problem persists? You should be able to share your screen from Google Chrome on PC. This will help us determine if it’s a problem with your browser or your account. Can you confirm if you have the newest version of Google Chrome?

  • Alexandr says:

    Hello. How can I fast switch between camera and desktop sharing ?
    maybe some shortcuts ?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Alexandr, You can have your video on and desktop shared at the same time. When you start sharing your screen, your camera will stay on unless you have a very poor internet connection!

      • Alexandr says:

        Good afternoon
        issue that I need fast switching between screen (where I have presentation) and video (where I demonstrate some details of real objects).
        so participants watch in one moment presentation and next moment video. Now I should use mouse ant it too late. In ZOOM are shortcuts for sharing.
        Second question – if for one meeting we have 2 organizers ( I and my colleague in another places) how can I fast switch from my screen to his camera ?

        • Stephanie Hamrick says:

          Hi Alexandr, right now there is no shortcut to stop sharing your screen so that your video would pop back up quickly. In Teams no video is prioritized over the other except for the most recent person to speak, so pressing the “stop sharing” button on the flyout call options window and then you or your other organizer speaking would be the quickest way to show your videos.

  • Anil Kumar says:

    When we share the screen we can’t use highlighter and text tool like zoom…any solution ?

  • Maryse Payen-Roy says:

    Hi, I use my home PC to teach French to adult learners at the moment. I have been sharing power points but this week I tried to share PDF and word documents, they did not appear in the folder I opened going to “Browse” then “computer files” from my screen. Only the power points in that file showed. ( Although all documents appeared when opening my folder outside teams.) Any advice? Also, how do you activate typing on the Whiteboard app? Is there a “how to” I can send my students so they can learn how to use Whiteboard on their platform (PC / I-pads and sometimes even phones..) Thanks

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Maryse, it sounds like you’re a bit confused about the screen sharing options. To share a file, you need to have it open on your computer. You can’t open it through Teams. The list of PowerPoints is a special case because Teams gives you a streamlined presenting experience. So when you hit “browse,” under the PowerPoints heading, you will only be able to open PowerPoints. Open your PDF and Word Documents on your computer before your meeting, then they will be on the “Windows” list. Here are some instructions for how to use the Whiteboard functionality:

  • Maryse Payen-Roy says:

    Also…can I print a list of the people who actually attended my sessions?

  • Carol says:

    Hi, When I try to share my screen from Teams on my Mac, it only brings up powerpoint options (which I don’t have ready and open), not the Chrome or Safari windows I have open and ready to go. How can I problem solve this?

  • Alexandr says:

    Is it possible that people who join to meeting (people out your organization) should fill registration form which will be available for organizers as registration list later?
    It is very useful in case webinar where participants are not from your organization but from other companies as well .
    Thx in advance

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Alexandr, this is not available. If you’re running a webinar, our suggestion would be to have them fill out a form on your website or some other tool you can use for this and then email the respondents the link to your meeting. This way only those who have filled out the form can join because they’re the only ones with the link.

  • Alexandr says:

    Hello. Unfortunately link can be resent.
    Other issue that when people join to meeting and they dont have installed teams it is very difficult define who exactly joined from respondents list.
    My questions: is it possible identify participant of meeting with person in respondent list ? Now in participants list I have just Monika (guest).

  • Joshua says:

    Is there a way to change what Window is being shared when just sharing a specific item (without having to end the call and reshare the screen). I was helping someone set up a new software on their system and could not figure out how to swap to the settings window from that software since its own window.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Joshua, great question. Once you start sharing anything, you can click the “Share Content” button again to stop sharing. This stops the screen sharing but doesn’t end the call. Then, you can start a new share by clicking the “Share Content” button one more time and select the new item you want to share. This will allow you to switch between windows in the same call.

  • Darin says:

    Hi Stephanie, When I screen share in a team and open a file and share that, I can’t minimize the little teams window like i can when just screen sharing. I can move it to different parts of the screen but not minimize. Is there a fix for that?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Darin, unfortunately I’m not sure if you mean “once you share your desktop, you pull up a file and then are having trouble minimizing the window” or if you’re saying “when you share only a specific window, you’re having trouble.” Either way, you can minimize the meeting options flyout window by hovering over the top-right corner and clicking the minimize button (looks like a dash). This can be a bit confusing when someone is sharing their video, which may be the problem here–and not necessarily the different sharing scenarios you’ve mentioned–but if you put your cursor where the minimize button would be in any other window, it will appear and you can minimize. Let me know if this solves your problem!

  • Andrea says:

    This functionality is currently available on Skype. Will they add this to Teams before Skype is phased out?

  • Christa says:

    Hi Stephanie, is there a way to view my virtual students on my laptop while sharing the content on my desktop? Id be joining the same meeting with both devices. I’d like to be able to see my students while I’m presenting making it more like a classroom setting.
    Thank you.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Christa, you can certainly join the meeting from both devices and leave your meeting window up on one while sharing on the other. Teams will allow you to see up to 49 people in a video call at the same time; however when you share your screen, that will take up much of the meeting space and only a few of the most recent speakers will be shown along the bottom of the window. What you can do from here on the “secondary” device you want to use to see your students is hover over a user in the meeting, select the ellipsis icon and select “Pin” to keep the screenshare from taking over the window. You’d need to do this for all of your students to be able to see all of them, though I haven’t tested whether there is a limit to how many users you can do this with at a time. Hope this helps!

  • Susan says:

    I want to practice sharing my screen BEFORE I join a meeting. I have successfully practiced and tested my microphone, speaker, and camera from the Settings–> Devices menu, by making a test call. Is there a way that I can practice sharing. Thank you for your help. Susan

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Susan, go to that Calendar tab and click “Meet Now” in the top corner. This will put you in an ad-hoc meeting where you can test sharing content.

  • Daniel says:

    Is there a way to share an USB camera feed while still using my laptop’s internal camera in a normal meeting? Maybe sharing a Windows camera app could work?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Daniel, You can share anything that’s open on your computer desktop and that doesn’t affect the functionality of your internal camera that you want to use for your meeting. If you have a separate window that is showing the camera feed, then sharing that window would allow you to do so. Just don’t select that USB camera as your Teams device because you can only use the camera for one thing at a time and selecting it as the Camera you want to use in Teams would prevent it from showing whatever else it is you’re wanting to share. Let me know if you have more questions!

  • Stacey says:

    Hello there!
    Every other week I host a TEAMs video call with about 20 people from within my organization and 80% of the time I have no issues with selecting “Share” then “Share Desktop – Screen 2” (*to show the PPT loaded on my 2nd monitor). However…it seems like the other 20% of the time…I follow the same steps to share Screen 2 (or even Screen 1) and things don’t seem to sync-up. I’ll see the red frame around my PPT on Screen 2 which makes me think it’s sharing properly, but no one is seeing it and sure enough the “share” icon does not show me sharing. I try to share 2 and 3 times, but the same issue happens. What are some things I can do to troubleshoot this issue? Or perhaps do to maximize the likelihood of my “share” working? Today I had to email my PPT deck to another participant so they could share on their end. I will add…my device is tied to an ethernet….not wifi – – poor internet connection was my first thought. Could it also be the fact that I have so many people on the call? And they are on Video? I look forward to your reply as this inconsistency is reflecting poorly on my competencies with technology.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Stacey, this may be something you want to take to your IT admin for troubleshooting. However, you can make sure that you’re using the latest version of Teams and that you’re using the Teams desktop app. Other than that, the likely culprit is that you may be selecting the PowerPoint window to share instead of selecting to share your whole screen. In most cases problems with sharing will be fixed if you stop sharing and then start the share again. You can also turn off your camera to safe your computer some effort and help it present your screen more fluidly. Let us know if this helps!

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi Stephanie, thank you for a very useful discussion.
    Is there a way to only share a window with one participant of a meeting at a time to facilitate temporary 1 to 1 coaching. I could kick everyone else out of the meeting and ask them to wait in the lobby but would be handy if I could just manipulate participants a bit more. Understand I can mute participants but it would be handy to also prevent other participants from seeing or hearing something I am explaining to an individual?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Jonathan, Microsoft is in the middle of rolling out private meeting rooms to address this specific need. I would make sure you keep your version of Teams up to date and as soon as the feature is rolled out to you, it should work much like you’re describing here! Unfortunately Microsoft does a staged roll out and there’s no way to know when this capability will come to your account.

  • Nuno says:

    Can i share a PDF file while on a meeting?

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Nuno, yes you can. You need to have the PDF open before you click “share” and then you can select it from the “Windows” list or share your entire screen and pull up the PDF file. If you want to send the PDF to others in the meeting, click the chat button and then the attachment (paperclip) icon to upload your file to the meeting chat.

  • Bruce says:

    If I share an application/window, stop sharing, then want to open and share a new application that wasn’t open the first time I shared, it does not show up in the list of windows to share. The only thing I can do at that point is to share my desktop – which I don’t really want to do. The only way I can figure out to fix my mistake (not having all windows I want to share open the FIRST time I share) is to exit Teams and enter the meeting again and share that window. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

    Thanks for an interesting discussion.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Bruce, we were able to replicate this behavior in our instance, so this looks like it’s the default behavior of Teams. Our suggestion here is to have the windows open that you would like to share before sharing any content. While it’s likely to not avoid every situation when you forget a certain application, preparing for a meeting before hand can cut down on this problem. We’re sorry we don’t have a better answer for you!

  • Bruce says:

    Thank you for the very quick response, Stephanie. I just often don’t know EVERY application that I might want to share before I first share in the meeting (sometimes it’s forgetfulness, other times it’s just expanded scope of a meeting). Thanks for communicating that it’s not just me.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Bruce, no it looks like it’s not just you, and we agree that this is very inconvenient since no one can know when they may want to share additional materials! Microsoft has a user forum ( where you can suggest changes to Teams functionality. Let us know if you submit and we’ll upvote it!

  • Meghann says:

    I use Teams through my organization (and am loving it BTW). Sometimes I am inviting people who don’t have Teams and are using the web app. When it comes to sharing their content with me during the meeting, they are not able to see or select the PowerPoint or Browse options that I get. They can only select their Desktop or a specific window. Is this a function that is just not available through the web app or am I missing something? I have confirmed that they are using Chrome and the latest version.

  • Chelsea Clay says:

    I am experiencing a similar issue … I cannot get Teams to recognize the OneNote Notebook window when I want to share it on my screen. I recognizes every other window I have open, but not that one. It will occasionally show up, but rarely. And it used to show up every time I shared my screen. I have the app open before I open Teams and this is still happening. Is this a glitch between Teams and OneNote? Right now, I am also having to share my desktop which leaves me unable to work on anything else while my screen is shared so my students can see the work I’ve put on my OneNote.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Chelsea, this is not a known issue at this time. As a workaround, I would suggest opening this OneNote directly from OneDrive in the browser version of the app. This would allow you to share only that window and avoid the glitch with the OneNote app.

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