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Help Desk, Engineering, and Architect-Level Support:

With over 30 years in business, PEI has the experience!

PEI has an entire team of IT professionals ready to assist you. With managed IT services, we take the mundane IT tasks off your plate, so you can focus on what is important.

Small or growing organizations need consistent, high-quality support for their workforce. We provide every level of IT assistance from help desk, to networking engineer, and more—without you hiring a single person. We will complement an existing team, or provide you with a new one. Our contracts prove our customer loyalty with a 90-day contract cancellation policy.

Online Hybrid On-Prem Managed Services

What Can Our Managed IT Services Help You With Today?

Office 365

Office 365

  • Mailboxes; shared folders, calendars, and mailboxes; and distribution lists
  • Changes to Exchange Online configuration, i.e., increasing the limit on the number of mailbox rules a user can create
  • Setup, and configuration of Outlook for Exchange Online email
  • Resolution of end user issues in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote , and Skype for Business

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Skype for Business Managed Services

Skype for Business

  • Voice configuration, and management including phone numbers, and voicemail
  • Advanced feature setup, changes, and maintenance for Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Response Groups, Mobility, Conferencing, and Content Sharing
  • Instant Messaging, Presence, and Client Configuration
  • Archive, Monitoring, and Reporting Service configuration and management

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Managed IT Services


  • Wireless assessment, improvements, monitoring, and upkeep
  • Firewall best practices evaluation, configuration management, monitoring, and updates
  • Load balancer hardware monitoring, and maintenance
  • Advanced wireless configurations, including wireless LAN controllers
  • Switches, and routers including Cisco

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Azure Managed Services

Azure & Virtualization

  • AzureAD implementation and troubleshooting
  • Office 365 Directory Sync and Hybrid Environment Support
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Virtual Machines and Active Directory
  • Site Recovery
  • Cloud Storage and Data Backup

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Data Storage & Security

  • Backup implementation, setup, testing, and data recovery with Datto, Barracuda, Commvault, and more
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution of all backup and recovery services provided by your backup solution
  • Scheduled backup setup and implementation with backup verification

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Server & Infrastructure Managed Services

Servers & Infrastructure

  • Windows Server performance assessment, remediation, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Regular patching, minor version upgrades
  • Consolidation to reduce physical footprint
  • Domain upgrades, mergers, and clean up
  • Group Policy assistance
  • Anti-Virus
  • File & Print Services

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Our Managed Services Monthly Contracts Fit Your IT Budget

How much would it cost to manage your technology in-house? Managed IT Services are especially helpful for small businesses without the resources to pay for finding, hiring, and retaining IT employees skilled enough to fit their needs. PEI’s Managed Services can help! We offer a variety of payment options to make our managed IT services more convenient for our clients.

Managed Services Contracts

Technical Services

We hire only mid- to senior-level engineers. With over 120 years combined experience, our IT experts can provide the technical support clients need to keep systems functioning properly and avoid downtime.

satisfied PEI Managed Services customers since 1988 throughout the United States and abroad.

Experienced IT Experts

Our certified engineers have a diverse background. We have experts in troubleshooting Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, Exchange, Direct Access, System Center, Virtualization, DR, Office 365, Server & Datacenter, and much more.

Live Help Desk Support

Our help desk support is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Unlike some other Managed Service Providers, PEI does not outsource our helpdesk. When you call us, you speak with a PEI engineer.

Strategic Planning & Virtual CIO

We’ll develop a strategic plan for your IT operations that helps you achieve your business goals. We will guide you on processes from planning and budgeting to reporting and analysis.

IT Staff Augmentation

PEI’s Managed Services complement existing teams to provide the support that’s right for you, whether temporary staffing or contract-to-hires.

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Simplify Operations

You and your IT team can focus on your core business, not manually applying patches or deploying services. Plus, our detailed reports simplify decision-making by taking out the guesswork and keeping you informed.

Reduce Risks

Keep your business safe from unexpected downtime for both end users and critical business operations with scheduled and tested patch release management and proactive, 24/7 monitoring that detects issues before they cause problems.

Increase Availability and Performance

PEI’s proactive management of your systems maximizes availability, reliability, and security across mission-critical systems, from end-user workstations to core infrastructure.

24x7 Server and Networking
Management and Support

Use PEI’s 24×7 Network and Server Services to simplify the management and deployment of your infrastructure and networks. We can handle day-to-day tasks to free up you and your IT team to work on more strategic initiatives while also increasing the performance and reliability of your systems.

Our expert IT team works 24/7, 365 days a year—even holidays—proactively monitoring your servers and networks to detect and resolve problems before they affect your business. We also provide detailed reports on your systems so you can make informed decisions and remove the guesswork from your IT management. Whether you’re looking for support with end-user workstations or designing and deploying enterprise-class core infrastructure, our team of engineers will work with you to ensure our solutions are aligned with your goals.

PEI’s Server and Network Services:

  • Proactive maintenance, performance and security monitoring, and patching
  • Detailed system health reports to help you make informed decisions
  • Security auditing, intrusion detection, and compliance management
  • Equipment management (routers, switches, and firewalls including Cisco)
  • Design and deploy enterprise-class networks
  • Manage VPN deployments, engineer WAN/LAN networks
  • Comprehensive hardware monitoring from core to edge
  • Event log archiving and monitoring
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When You Use PEI, Your Environment is Protected by our Network Monitoring System™

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Work with PEI to improve the performance and stability of your network with our Network Monitoring System™, which we’ve built to provide increased visibility into and control over your network compared to over-the-counter monitoring solutions used by other Managed Service Providers.

Proactive Support

Early Response

If our system finds something strange when polling or monitoring your devices, we’re notified immediately, so we can fix the problem before it affects your network.

After-Hours Availability

Critical device alerting mechanisms allow for automatic notification of on-call engineers after-hours.

Comprehensive Alerting

Customizable Polling

We’ll continually poll your devices, setting up our polling intervals and procedures to meet the specific needs of your environment.

Syslog Alerting

Our syslog monitoring and customizable alerting lets us know whenever something is happening in your environment. If we can see the issue in syslog, we can alert it.

In-Depth Reporting

Overview Reports

Get detailed reports on events—including which devices were affected and why they went down—system health, and usage.

Trend Analysis

Our reporting features also include trend analysis, to provide insights about the utilization and growth of your environment over time.

Performance Insights

Our ability to monitor and graph a variety of heath metrics over time helps us to improve stability and predict health problems before they happen.

Audit Trails

Set up configuration change alerts, so you know what changes have been made, when they were made, and who made them.

Complete Data

Exact Data

You’ll have access to both live and historic data that’s exact—our solution doesn’t normalize data like other providers—to give you richer insights into your environment.

Hard-to-Reach Data

Have data not accessible via SNMP? Our system allows for graphing of metrics even if they are only accessible from the CLI.

Configuration Backup

Automated Backups

Our monitoring solution automates the configuration backup process, so you never have to worry about losing your configurations.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your devices—including their serial numbers—with automated inventory backups.

Keep IT Focused

Save your IT team from endless hours addressing user queries and problems, and give them more time to focus on ongoing IT projects. This will keep your business on track to delivering your services while still giving your users access to first-class IT support.

Complete Protection

Our helpdesk is available 24/7/365 for emergencies, so our engineers can provide support whenever you’re working. We also provide mobility support, so you have complete protection against technical issues no matter what device you’re on or location you’re at.

Reduce User Downtime

Our individual workstation management protects your peripherals from errors cause user downtime. We’ll handle the data backup and storage, desktop security, and upgrades to keep workstations working optimally. Fewer issues with your workstations means less disruption for your business.

End User
Management and Support

If your users aren’t productive, your business isn’t productive. Let PEI take on the management and support of your users to minimize the demands on your IT team and give them more time for ongoing IT projects.

We have engineers available to address issues with your hardware, software, applications, or security. Our service desk also provides mobility support, so you can rest assured your users are protected regardless of their location, their device, or the complexity of their problem. Our quick response times and experienced, senior-level engineers mean you and your team can get back to work more quickly than ever. Plus, our user management services keep your workstations functioning optimally and protected from threats, creating fewer technical issues from the start.

PEI End-User Services

  • Helpdesk and mobility support
  • Individual workstations: complete management of data backup and storage, desktop security, and upgrades
  • Password rest/lockout assistance
  • Data backup and recovery; Lost/Stolen data investigation and recovery
  • Device configuration, setup, and encryption
  • Managed Security Patching, Anti-Virus, and Spyware
  • Email setup, shared mailbox creation, distribution list creation, advanced email security
  • Software Assistance for Office Applications, Modern Browsers, Windows OS, Antivirus software, and Azure Active Directory
  • Peripheral support for monitors, keyboards, mice, laptops, desktops docking stations, tablets, printers, phones
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Protect Your Business

Having a business continuity plan means ensuring you always have access to the critical systems and data that keep your business in business. With our engineers available 24×7, you’re always protected in the event of a disaster.

Custom and Comprehensive Plan

We tailor your business continuity to work for your unique combination of IT assets. We offer both local and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery options, and we’ll ensure your plan is flexible and scalable enough to change as your business changes.

Increased Cost Efficiency

PEI works with leading-edge Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, like Azure Backup and Site Recovery, that let you protect more workloads and more data more reliably and more efficiently. These efficiencies give you significant cost savings while keeping your business safe.

Business Continuity
Management and Support

PEI’s Business Continuity Managed Services protect your business from downtime and data loss by ensuring your systems remain available and your business data is safe. We’ll work with you to identify your top risks and prioritize recovery objectives, crafting a backup and disaster recovery plan that safeguards your most valuable IT assets. We offer local and cloud-based solutions based on your unique needs.

With PEI’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Management, you’ll have 24×7 access to our expert team of engineers to assist you in implementing your plan in any circumstances. Our management services also include running scheduled tests of your solution and monitoring your backup and replication processes 24×7, allowing us to investigate and fix any errors that occur and ensuring your backups are always valid and usable if disaster does strike.

PEI’s Business Continuity Services:

  • 24×7 proactive monitoring, management, and testing
  • Detailed solution health reports
  • Business continuity planning and assessment
  • Virtualized and physical backup and recovery solutions
  • Backup implementation, setup, testing, and data recovery with Azure, Barracuda, Commvault, and more
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution of all backup and recovery services
  • Scheduled backup setup and implementation with backup verification
  • Online vaulting and archiving
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