Protecting your IT assets and your vital day to day business operations is important to PEI. By utilizing PEI to maintain your contracts, you can operate your business with the comfort of having continuous protection and technical support, as well as the latest software updates.

Many of our customers have critical equipment, and the effective operation of their businesses rely on that infrastructure. Factory service contracts for hardware and software updates are as essential as the equipment itself.

PEI’s contract management desk helps maintain and renew your factory service/support contracts. PEI is able to manage, monitor, and maintain all of your support and maintenance contracts via a dedicated staff with comprehensive, cost effective coverage for equipment and software from these various vendor partners.

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PEI Contract Management benefits include:

  • Timely contract renewals
  • Rapid support on products
  • Prompt software product updates
  • Zero cost of replacement parts and labor with the proper maintenance contracts in place
  • Freedom from the burden of constantly keeping up with your renewals
  • Budgetary planning on maintenance contracts
  • Co-terming contracts to expire at your desired times
  • Extending the life of your technology investment
  • Significantly reducing the downtime of hardware

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