PEI Network consultants bring technological currency and seasoned mastery to your project. With over a half-century of experience in designing, constructing and optimizing Local Area, Wide Area and Content Networks, the PEI team has the depth and focus to get your network jobs done.

Our network vision for your project begins with a clear view of architectures and proven designs that PEI helped pioneer beginning in the late 1980’s.

network diagram
computers connected with networking

PEI’s team has first implementation histories of:

  • TCP/IP Ethernet (1988 for Clorox Corporation)
  • Cell Telephone transaction/billing (BOI 1992)
  • High-security Banking and Financial services (Boston Private Bank in 1995)
  • Secure Educational (DeVry Universities 1997)
  • Point of Sale Retail (Alfalfa’s Markets 1998)
  • Subscriber Content Hosting (NetLibrary 1999)
  • Voice over IP (2002)
  • Medical Application Service Provider/ASP (Ascriptus/Sprint 2002)
  • Large-scale Thin Client (Mercury Companies 2003)
  • Mid-market Virtualization (2008)
  • Microsoft OCS/Lync for the mid-market (2008-2012)
  • Multi-tenant Healthcare ASP/Cloud (2010)
  • SIP Provider and Solutions for the mid-market (Intellepeer 2012)
  • Software Defined Network/SDN (2012)

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Driving your mission with our vision – the PEI Network engineering process will deliver you a cost-effective, reliable and exacting solution. Let that solution become the backbone of your new network and let our Network Engineers bring it to you.