How To Set Up Content Filtering on Meraki MX Devices

Meraki Devices

Content filtering blocks certain categories of websites based on organizational needs/policies.  Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to set this up for Meraki MX devices:

Step 1: On the Meraki Dashboard, navigate to Security & SD-WAN > Configure > Content Filtering.

Step 2: Identity-based policy authentication can be used through Active Directory:

Content Filtering in the Meraki Dashboard

Use content filtering with Active Directory

Step 3: Category filtering is the quickest way to block whole categories.

Content filtering by category Meraki screenshot

Step 4: Configure any web search filtering along with YouTube restriction filtering.

Web search and youtube network filtering with Meraki

Step 5: Next, go to URL blocking to block or whitelist any specific URLs or patterns

URL filtering in Meraki Dashboard

Note: The whitelist always takes precedence over the blocklist, so a request that matches both lists will be allowed

Save changes to content filtering policies
Step 6: Save your changes to the dashboard.

Alison Wallick, PEI

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