PEI Project Management Services are available to ensure your project is effectively completed whether your company is utilizing PEI Engineering Resources or conducting a project internally.

For those projects that are internal to an organization, the PEI Project Management Team will work closely with your chosen team members to utilize the correct level of project management is utilized depending on your specific situation. In some cases this may dictate a very formal methodology, while in others a more agile approach is needed.

For projects that involve our engineering team, the PEI Project Management Team is your connection all matters related your project here at PEI. Our project management team understands that each project has significant importance to each of our clients.

Our project management team manages a diverse portfolio of projects; each project is different and often requires different management approaches. We deliver a unique blend of experience and the appropriate project management rigor for each project. Therefore, depending on the size, complexity and your preferred management method, we can adjust to fit your needs.

Examples of components may entail:

  • Formal Project Plans – Gantt Charts
  • Communication Plans
  • Risk and Issue Logs
  • Customer Acceptance Forms either at project or milestone completion points
  • A custom SharePoint based portal used for project related documentation and communication
  • Weekly status meetings to be held either by audio or video conference with the entire PEI Project Team
  • Onsite visits with your assigned project manager
  • Daily or weekly status reports
  • Weekly financial status updates
  • Post project client satisfaction surveys

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The PEI Project Management Team knows that communication is the most fundamental and critical role we play during your project. We schedule onsite work to be performed by our engineering staff and ensure that this schedule works well for both PEI and your team. We can also provide information related to billing or invoicing upon request.

The PEI Project Management Team is committed to ensuring that your project is completed to your total satisfaction. We welcome and encourage our clients to engage the project management team early and often during the execution of your project. If you ever have a question related to your project or scheduled work, we can either answer it or we will find the answer for you.