PEI’s Operations Department (OPS) has the expertise to support, maintain and troubleshoot your core infrastructure, networking, security, and communications architecture. OPS provides support services that have a reputation for being timely and effective. We deliver rapid and relevant support that quickly addresses any issue that may arise in your environment.

Our new request tracking system, Zendesk, features an intuitive agent interface, automated ticket actions, built-in customer satisfaction surveys and enhanced reporting. These features allow our team to be more efficient than ever, and provide you resolutions more quickly and effectively. Internally, we have streamlined our support and escalation processes around Zendesk to provide the best possible support as quickly as possible.

Our engineers provide added value to your IT team by providing quick, relevant support as well as constant communication between our engineers and your team. This provides you with the peace of mind that your systems are in good hands, and being taken care of.

PEI’s Operations Team is available from 8:00am to 5:00pm (MST) Monday through Friday. We also provide access to on-call engineers 24 hours a day (additional charges apply). You can access our team by calling 303-786-7474, option 1, or by emailing

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“For over 25 years of support PEI has always been there for us. They are great, dependable, knowledgeable and always exploring new technologies to improve and meet our needs.” Nassef, JTC

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To find out about the other services that are offered by our Operations Department, click here or contact your PEI Account Manager at 303-786-7474.